Heather Busulovich Artistry 

Heather Busulovich is an accomplished makeup artist based in Des Plaines  and works across the country.  

Heather is a full-time freelance makeup artist that works year round creating flawless work. She enjoys the opportunity to work on Television, Film industry, Testing and Editorials. She is always furthering her learning every year by updating knowledge and always perfecting her craft with the latest makeup trends. 

Heather is certified makeup artist through New Age Academy. Her learning and her educations continues to grow for her as continues to assists other artists and investing her craft. 

She has worked on many small indie films from American Pie, to Animator, To Canal Street, Chicago Fire to corporate shoots. 

Past clients including Pat Hughs from Chicago Cubs,  Jay Nice and Shelly from B96, 99.5 Country,  Whirlpool,  Samsung and Google.  

 Heather does also enjoy working with brides and wedding parties all over Chicago and all over the country. 

 When Heather isn't out working she is spending time with her furbaby and her son. Heather enjoys reading,  cooking and traveling. 

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